Simple Medication Reminders for Seniors

Simple Medication Reminders for Seniors

Forgetting medications is very common for seniors. Whether it’s a pill or two in a day, missing a dose of their daily medicine might not seem like a big deal, but it can have serious consequences.

Express Pharmacy #8 listed some basic reminders to help your loved ones take their medications religiously:

  • Keep a calendar.

    A calendar will help in tracking when the dose and refills are due. Under the dates, you can also write a list of all your medications for each corresponding day. If you’re running low on your medicines, you can also contact a pharmacy in Bakersfield, California easily with the help of your calendar.

  • Make the pillbox visible.

    Using a pillbox is one of the most effective methods in medication reminders. It is also important to keep the pillbox in a visible area always, such as your medicine cabinet where you should also keep all your other medications. Contact your trusted pharmacy should you be in need of quality medical supplies in Bakersfield, CA before you run out of stocks.

  • Set an alarm.

    Perhaps the easiest way to take medications in Taft, California is using an alarm clock at home or in a mobile device. Whether you are taking specialty medicine in Shafter, California or a simple vitamin C daily, make sure to also ask your pharmacist if they have reminder tops or caps with reminder alarms to make it easier for you.

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