Pharmacist and client at pharmacy
Specialty pharmacy focuses on high cost, high touch medication therapy for patients with disease states ranging from Cancer, MS, RA to rare genetic conditions and other complex medical conditions.

Medications in specialty pharmacy including but not limited to oral, cutting edge injectable and biologic products. Specialty pharmacies are unique in the way they handle prescription processing, patient education, medication delivery, patient management and continuity of care. Due to the characteristics of specialty medications and the disease states they treat, higher standards and closer monitoring are critical practices to ensure optimal clinical outcomes.

At Express Pharmacy, clinical outcomes take top priority. From continuous monitoring to patient education, adherence and financial support, our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to every patient we handle.

Specialty services main goals:

  • Limit Brand Substitution:

    Making sure patient gets prescribed treatment

  • Reduce Prescription abandonment:

    Simplifying accessibility and dispensing process for patients.

  • Reduce patient out of pocket expense:

    Exploring all possible options to reduce copay and find financial support programs.

  • Expedite delivery and shipping solutions:

    Offering reliable services the meet professional industry standards to ensure integrity of transported products and timely delivery to patients.