Helpful Tips for Seniors with Swallowing Difficulties

Are You Partnering With a Reliable Medical Supplier?

Swallowing problems are quite common in the aging population due to certain health conditions that impact their ability to swallow. Senior adults may encounter coughing or choking when they try to eat their food, which gives them an unpleasant experience, according to an expert from facility services in California.

Doctors can prescribe medical supplies in Bakersfield, CA and therapies to treat people with swallowing difficulties. As such, it’s important not to miss any appointments. Still, during treatment, there are things that families can do for their senior loved ones for them to prevent malnutrition.

When serving meals for seniors, it is best if the food is cut into smaller pieces. Adding soup to their daily menu can also help ease the food into their throat. For those who have a hard time swallowing a pill, they may find it more manageable to take liquid medicine instead. In this case, their original medication from a pharmacy in Bakersfield, California can be compounded in a liquid form if prescribed by their doctor.

If you or your loved one needs medical supplies or services for compounding in Wasco, California, you are welcome to contact or visit Express Pharmacy.

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